You always have optimal and pleasant air in your home with smart ventilation.


Humidity control

Domotron adapts the ventilation power on the basis of relative humidity in the house to ensure moisture optimum value.

Air quality

Exhaled air contributes to inattention, headaches and fatigue. Domotron will ensure that you breathe well.

Pollution detection

If Domotron detects external air pollution, it will stop ventilation. It will turn the ventilation only when the air is clear again.


Recuperation unit bypass

When it gets cold in the evening, Domotron activates recuperation bypass and pleasantly cool the whole home with lukewarm air.

Maximum performance

Full power of recuperation may seem too loud in the silence of the night. Therefore with Domotron you set maximum recuperation power for different day modes.

Vacation mode

During your vacation, Domotron will ventilate the house from time to time, so you do not have to rely on a forgetful neighbour.

Try out Domotron

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