Blinds & shutters

Forget the manual shading technique control. You do not have to control the shutters and blinds in a smart home.

Sun automatics

Domotron will automatically raise the blinds and shutters in winter, thanks to which even cold rooms will be heated. In summer, however, it shades the ones, which would otherwise overheat.

Morning automatics

Set up when your day should begin. Domotron will prepare a private sunrise for you through gradual opening of the blinds.

Dawn simulation

If you wake up before dawn, Domotron will simulate the dawn for you using the lightning in your bedroom.

Evening automatics

Domotron will automatically shade the blinds and shutters after dusk and protect you from your neighbours and curious onlookers.

Wind automatics

When Domotron detects a strong wind starting, it will raise the exterior blinds into protection cases and prevents their damage.


It does not matter which shading technology manufacturer you choose. Domotron can integrate any blind, shutter, marquise or sun sail.

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