Security and smart home will protect you not only from thieves, but also from fire or flooding.

Motion detection

The same motion detectors, which are used by the security system to keep your home safe, are used by Domotron to control lights and actions.

Fire prevention

Domotron has not only smoke detectors but also gas leakage detectors. It can warn of the fire danger in time.

Flood detection

Flood at home is not a threat with Domotron. If the system detects water leakage, main water supply is sealed immediately.

Alarm system

When the alarm is on, the lights are turn on all over the house and the blinds are pulled out so that the security service can get a better view of the thief's movement.



You can view camera images anywhere in the world. Thanks to a secured connection, you can be sure that noone else will get to it.

Departure and arrival

Smart security will ensure that lights are turned off, blinds are shut and main water stop is shut off after activating the security system.

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