A perfect lawn takes a lot of time and powers. Domotron takes care of your lawn and plants automatically.

Irrigation zones

With Domotron you will divide the garden into zones, which will be gradually irrigated. Thanks to this, you can handle the water pipe pressure even in the largest garden.

Sprinklers and drippers

Domotron can irrigate not only lawn using sprinklers. Thanks to drippers, your flower beds and rocks will be blooming as well.

Blocking by movement

If Domotron detects movement in the garde, it may automatically block irrigation in that zone. You will avoid a wet surprise.

Rain detection

Rain detector on your roof will recognize even the strength of rain. Domotron can thus determine whether to turn the irrigation off, or whether to help the rain a little bit.

Soil humidity

For the most perfect irrigation of your garden, it is enough to connect a soil moisture sensor to Domotron. Domotron will take care of the irrigation to be optimal.

Well and rain water

A well or a rainwater tank is a great source of water for irrigation. Domotron will ensure that you make the best use of them, before it starts watering from the water supply.

Try out Domotron

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