Heating & cooling

Maximize heating and cooling efficiency. You save up to 30% of your energy costs.

Zone regulation

Domotron guards and regulates the temperature in each room separately. This not only ensures thermal comfort, but also prevents from overheating.

Time modes

Domotron will adapt to your daily regime. It will turn down heating and cooling after you leave and turn them up before you return.

Boost function

Adjust the desired temperature and activate the boost function. Heating and cooling will automatically turn back into the preset mode after two hours.


Domotron will easily handle any kind of heating or cooling. Whether you have radiators, floor heating or chilled ceilings at home for example.


Dynamic dew point calculation

Thanks to constant dew point temperature control, Domotron prepares an ideal cooling water temperature to maximize cooling performance while avoiding ceilings or floors dewing.

Vacation mode

Domotron will turn into decreased consumption mode during vacation. Everything will automatically get back into to state you left it, when you return.

Try out Domotron

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