Energy saving

An autonomous smart home system saves energies automatically. However it gives you many tools to keep your energies under control at all times.

Energy saving

Consumption measurement

Bills for electricity, water of gas will no longer be a surprise. Smart meters guard and record consumption of all energies.

Domotron Analytics

You can display all consumption data and data of overall home operation in clear charts at any time thanks to Domotron Analytics any time.


Photovoltaic systems and Domotron understand each other. Smart management helps you get the most out of it and increase the return on your investment.

Controlled sockets

You can control sockets in the house as simply as lights. You will never need to think again, whether you turned off the iron before leaving.

Hot water preparation

As with heating and cooling, even hot water preparation may be adjusted to the rhytm of your day - You do not need to heat the boiler in an empty home all over again.

Hot water circulation pump

You do not have to wait until the hot water goes from the boiler to the tap with the circulating pump. However, thanks to Domotron the pump will by turned on only when you are home.

Try out Domotron

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