Each member of the home enjoys perfect sound thanks to the multi-zone audio system.

Audio zones

Let everyone listen to what he likes. Each audio zone in Domotron may play different music at the same time.

Synchronized playback

Let the whole house play. Play perfectly synchronized favourite music in your rooms.

Actions integration

Add music to your preset actions and let the house welcome you with Beach Boys harmonies or tune the evening mood by Marvin Gay baritone.

Hidden speakers

Domotron speakers may stay hidden in ceilings or partitions. Thus you can enjoy great sound also in rooms where visible speakers would seem a little inappropriate.


Streaming services

Domotron allows integration of all popular streaming services. Simply enter your login information into your Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, or stream music through WiFi directly from your smartphone.

Premium components

Highest quality components wil take care of a premium sound at your home. Players, amplifiers and speakers of Nuvo/Bose brand are the basis of Domotron audio.

Try out Domotron

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