Make the best of nature. Domotron® saves the weather information for your house and thanks to the proffessional meteo station you can profit from the weather resulting in saving energy. 

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Hot or cold

Accurate thermometer in the meteo station allows Domotron® not only to display current temperature, but also based on the other displayed parametres it calculates current windchill so it´s easier to predict being hot or cold. Temperature inforamtion are used as well as in the house heating or cooling regulation. It means that the system is able to effectively use cold evening air to cooling your house without the necessity to switch the air condition on. 

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Light or darkness

Luxmeter, measuring the illuminance, is one of the most important weather station sensor. Its information helps Domotron® to identify the day and the night so it wakes you up with the morning light coming through the open blinds. Domotron® uses the sunrise to heat your house therefore it opens the blinds only where you want. After the sunset, Domotron® closes the blinds and shades to protect your privacy. 


Breeze or whirlwind 

The anemometer recording wind intensity and direction helps you to protect your outdoor blinds and awnings. If the wind intensity crosses the safe scale, Domotron® pulls the blinds up to prevent them from damage. At the same time it closes your pool not to be covered with the leaves.  


High or low atmospheric pressure 

Barometer is the most important weather prediction indicator. Sudden atmospheric pressure falling indicates coming summer storm. 

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Detailed weather changes records 

Domotron® saves all measured information to the clear statistics and graphs what enables you to effecively predict the weather changes in your area and make actions that will react properly to those changes.