Do you know that pleasant feeling of waking up with the morning sun? But sometimes the sun is uninvited guest. Natural forces as a storm, hot or strong wind can spoil your mood and damage your property.  Domotron® takes care so seamlessly you will not notice. 


Mornings can be better 

Let the sun shine wake you up with Domotron® gradual sunblinds openning. Such a beautiful waking up! But if you wake up before dawn, Domotron® will simulate the sun rising with turning the lights on while the sunblinds will stay closed so you will never ever miss that pleasant feeling. 


Sunshine under the control

When the sun hits the windows, the room gets overheated in a while. But when you try to cool the room, Domotron® will lower the blinds, close the sunblinds. On the other hand, if you are heating the room with closed blinds, Domotron® will unshade the windows and use the sun heat as a natural heater. 


Together or separately 

Thanks to Domotron® you control every single shading item in the household. Every sunblind and blinds can be set as you wish. You can control them together or separately - with just on click you shade the bedroom or whole east side of your house. 

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Protection from forgetfulness and bad weather 

Fierce wind could damage your outdoor blinds and marquises. Therefore Domotron® will roll them up if the wind gets stronger. At the same time it will cover the swimming pool so it wo't  get covered by the falling leaves. Window security sensors will block the sunblinds / blinds operation if the window is open.