Protect yourself, your family and property. Smart system Domotron® is all eyes at night while you are sleeping or away. You control the home activities through the remote control and at the same time you decide if the guest can come in even when you are not at home. Save your precious time bz avoiding unnecessary returns to your home when you have Domotron®. 


Improve your security system

Domotron® cooperates with many autonoumous certificated security systems and expands their possibilities. The Domotron® system collects all security system sensors information and uses them for other technologies controlling. In case of security violation it can turn all lights on and clear the windows so that the called police or security service has a good view to the house and uninvitd incomer. At the same time, the system informs you via sms notification and you can watch live video stream.  


Welcome and good bye as it should be

Shortly after arriving home you enter security PIN and Domotron® lightens the blinders and shaders up and turns reduced lighting on. At the same time it switches the domestic appliances on that were without the electricity during your absence, opens the water stop and switches heating or cooling to proper status. When your children come home form school, Domotron® will let you know via mobile. When you´re leaving home, Domotron® will secure your house, switches the appliances off, turns the lights off, lights the access road and opens the gate. 


Sleep calmer

In most households the security system is deactivated at night. That´s why the robbers rob at night even when the house occupants are in. Domotron® supports the house zone division so you can activate the security system only in the zone the robber would have to go through.  


who´s at the door?

You don´t have to run to the door when somebody rings anymore. Via mobile phone or tablet you can have a look at the door visit and with just one click let them in. Opening the door is possible even when you´re not at home, e.g. clean service, gardener and family member without the keys.