Do you like variable and controllable stuff? Enjoy your comfort with a great range of possibilities as the light synchronisation is no more the matter of technicians.



Lights on command 

Domotron® can control not only light switches to be on or off, but as well as the dimmed lights intensity or RGB LED colour can be easily set on. There are mobile application, Tunner and light switches reacting to your double or long click according to arbitrary function settings to adjust the system. 



Domotron® lets you forget about switching off

Motion sensors are not only good for security system. Domotron® uses them to detect whether you are in or out the room to switch the lights off so you save energy and enviroment. 


Stop fumbling for the light switches at night

After the sunset, the Domotron® detects the motion in the room and automatically turns the light on to prevent you from being hurt. Which lights will be swicthed on is up to you - all in the hallway and only dimmed in the living room? The choice is yours!

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As you love it 

Harmonizing all lights in the room is hard work and nobody wants to do it over and over again after every single switch off. Via Domotron® you pre-set lights in every room with the only click in mobile app or double click on any room light switch.  


Some light simply belong together  

The lights are supposed to be controlled together can be grouped as you wish in order to dim the room out or for example harmonize all colourful RGB LED lights in the living room. You can choose which group will be controlled by chosen switch and whenever adjust the lighting to the current room atmosphere.