Domotron® has eyes everywhere so it helps you not only in the house but outside too. Are you proud of your lawn or garden? Domotron® easily recognises thanks to the motion sensor the weather and the water level in a well or reservior, the right time for energy-saving watering or irrigating.


Give the lawn as much water as it needs 

Every gardener and house owner dreams about the perfect lawn. However, the green carpet full of life and energy requires nonstop care and regular irrigating. Domotron® will become your best gardener as it follows the rainfall so it can regulate the irrigating to make your green crown shine.  


A well-irrigation? No problem! 

If the well is the main water irrigation source, Domotron® lets the pump work during the watering only, so it helps you to save your energy spendings. 


Stay dry 

You are sitting in the garden, enjoying summer breeze when suddenly you´re getting cold and wet by activated irrigator. With the Domotron® impossible! Domotron® exactly knows when you are outside and it smartly postpones the irrigation until the garden is empty so your guests won´t be unpleasantly surprised. 

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One by one

Big gardens can´t be waterred all at once as the flow isn´t strong enough. It´s necessary to divide the gardens into the zones that could be controled in sequences. Domotron®  You will appreciate this even if you have well-irrigation as the water in the well has enough time to come up between the sequences.  


You´re on holiday, not the gardener

Domotron® cares about your garden even when you´re on holiday. While you are enjoying the sun by the sea, Domotron® opens the main water shut or runs the pump and waters your lawn. As soon as it finishes, it puts the water out of action.