How much does the active appliances, lighting in empty rooms or running water cost you? Domotron® watches the household consumption and helps you to keep the lowest living costs. Your comfort level doesn´t change and you exactly know where to save more and where has been already saved.  


Keep an eye on it 

Domotron® helps you to watch the immediate as well as the average consumption of the household. Therefore you are able to manage your spendings and avoid horrible bills for gas, water or electricity. You can add more meters and watch the air conditoning or electric boiler consumption.  

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Find the money-eater 

Domotron®  watches not only the household spendings, but also the rooms as well so you exactly know who´s energy waster. 

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Minimize the invisible spendings 

Many household appliances aren´t turned off, just go to stand by mode. E.g. TV can be quickly turned on by remote controller. But those appliances spends energy too. Domotron® is able to shut down the power for appliances by switching off the circuits during your absence and save the invisible costs. 

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Stay informed

Tanks to Domotron® you can have a look at previous consumption in last months or even years and compare. Historical data will allow you to manage your future household budget and find actions where to save more. 


Protect yourselves from flood

Domotron® automatically closes the main water tap after you leave the house. You need not be afraid  of wading in the water to the ankles ifthe water tube breaks during your absence.