Regulating the radiator ventils during winter and setting the air condition in summer is over. Domotron® itself saves energy when you aren´t at home and keep the heat, humidity and pure fresh air without any outside impact. 


No technology is unknown to Domotron®  

Domotron® gets along well with any your planned heating or cooling technology. Domotron® will heat your home through cables, mats, infrared foils, radiators or floor heating with no regard to the source of the heat - gas boiler, heat pump, soild fuel, pellet boiler or residential substation. Chilled ceilings or air condition can be used as coolers. Domotron® will deal with it all of them. 


Heating and cooling under the control  

Customize the temperature to your weekly regime. Wake up in pleasantly warm house and replace the ice cold flag pavement with warm one thanks to floor heating. After everybody leaves the house, Domotron® saves energy regulating the heat in the house and shortly before your planned arrival the temperature is increased up. At night Domotron® lowers the temperature in order to make you sleep better but at the same time the system keeps it high enough to protect you from icy morning surprise. As easy as with the heating, the system helps you with cooling in  during the hot summer days to keep pleasant clime at home. 


Holiday for you house 

You can also set your holiday regime in your Domotron®. After your departure for vacation Domotron® minimizes the heating. The life to your house returns before your planned arrival. If you would like to prolong your holiday, you can re-set previous settings in Domotron® from any place with the Internet connection from all over the world. When you come home the house is as warm as you have desired. 


Keep the heat in 

The air in the room needs to circulate to stay fresh and also to reduce  humidity.  Classic ventilation not only changes air but also dispense of the heat too, and new-coming fresh air brings in cold. Recuperation unit heats coming fresh air by the outcoming warm air therefore the system saves the energy. Domotron® watches the carbon dioxide level and humidity in the house in order to automatically turn the recuperation on to prevent you from stale air and mold. During cold summer evenings Domotron® reuses cold air to cool the house to desired temperature. However, if your neighbour likes burning grass, the air quality sensor blocks recuperation and smell stays out.