Be a coordinated team with Domotron® and learn it how to perform assigned tasks by single command. The installation is easy and no technician is needed. 



Complicated tasks with single move

Create actions consiting of complicated tasks under  one command. Use the actions and control almost all Domotron® technologies. One command is able to control lights, sunblinds and heating too. Great ideas are the fuel of progress. And what´s better - every action can be added to any switch in the house. 



Be the real owner of your house

Domotron® is the only cost-effective solution for truly smart home that allows you to make any actions even when you have no idea about the program coding. Is saves your time and money too. 



Before you asleep

The typical example of useful action is joining all necessary tasks you have to do before you go to bed. Just one click commands Domotron® to switch all the lights off, turn the security system on to night mode, close the main water shut, turn the useless appliances off and set the temperature. 



Party mood in one finger snap

Good friends, delicious food, drink and great atmosphere makes the unforgettable party! Do the action that create that atmosphere - dim the light, play with the LED colours, turn on the air conditioning and switch the light along the driveway on so your guests will find you easily. 


People to rely on

If you can not handle with the actions or you need an advice, our technicians are always ready to help you when you need it. They will advise you or create an action as you wish.