If is it Domotron® what turns your fantasy into the reality, the final process based on mutual communication will be very simple. For a better overview, please find below infographics in a few steps.

Whatever you can think of

Domotron® is not only the perfect technology, but also a spectrum of services that are an essential part of truly smart home. The most important is the care of customers that begins while designing specific solutions and never ends. To be your home truly smart, it is necessary to go through a clearly established process. Only this will guarantee you a desired result.

Let the professionals do their job

We care about being Domotron® what always and in all situations meets your expectations. Therefore, the whole system must be professionally installed. Even the wiring preparation is really important for its right functioning. That's what our certified partners well know. Their network has been created and is constantly expanding with the sole aim - to always deliver 100% functional Domotron® to your home. This does not mean that you could not work with the suppliers you have chosen earlier and who have your trust. They can become our certified partners as soon as they meet our criteria and undergo intensive training. Thus nothing stands between you and the system installation even if you have your own wiring supplier who you are satisfied with.


Everything starts with summarisation of your ideas and expectations. If you plan the building, and it doesn´t matter whether you want to lead the project yourself, let the supplier to carry on or you´re interested in turnkey project, this is the right time to think of your smart home. Contact us or our certified partners via email, phone call or web.

At the end we will carefully test everything and then present the system to you, our client. We will make you familiar with all its user possibilities and you can start to make full use of its infinity possibilities. 

After the mutual agreement between you and the other suppliers the realisation will be done. First of all the wiring, then the distribution board with necessary technology and finally in cooperation with you the system will be professionally revived. 

The chosen partner will meet you and arrange the system installation details. Based on the project, the partner will prepare the price offer and time plan. After your approval the contract will be signed and the realisation done. 


Any of our certified partners provides the system Domotron® troublefree delivery. The client can easily choose from the existing network, but of course we are always happy to help with the choice or preferred partner after the condiitons fulfillment could be certified as well. 




We will have some questions in order to find the right solution for your ideas. Every success meets detailed planning thus the Domotron® project and the price offer is always included in our project offer. After fine-tune details and your approval there is nothing what to wait for.