Building a Perfect Home?

Domotron controls all home technologies and gives you the freedom to customize any of the settings.

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Connect the Entire Home

Domotron takes care of all of the home technologies. Thanks to thousands of smart features and advanced automation, Domotron will transforms your home into a perfect smart home.


With Domotron you can adjust home illumination to your mood or needs.

Heating and Cooling

Maximize the effectiveness of your heating and cooling setup. Set various setpoints for each room and save up to 30% on heating costs.

Shutters and Blinds

Say goodbye to manual control of shading. Shutters and blind in a smart home always know what to do.


Trough ventilation control Domotron makes sure that the air in your home is always fresh.


Home security system in a smart home protects you not only from burglars but also from potential fires or a water leaks.

Multi-room Audio

Everyone can enjoy perfect room-filling sound thanks to a muti-room audio system.


Always-green lawn takes a lot of time and effort. Domotron however irrigates the garden automatically.

Energy Saving

Domoron manages the consumption of all energy types and gives you plenty of tools to always keep tab on them.

Spirit of a Perfect Home

Set everything the way you want it

All the settings in Domotron can be easily adjusted at any time. In just a few taps on a tablet or a smartphone and you can adjust the heating schedule or change the function of a button.

Save the environment and your pocket

Domotron helps you use power effectively and thanks to the Domotron Analytics you will be always on top of your energy consumtion.

Solution you can rely on

Domotron is based on a well-tested industrial hardware usually used for automation of factory lines, refineries and power plants around the world. That is why we swear by the robustness and reliability of the system.